Will you attend an event this year?

Depending on when you’re reading this, case counts could be going up or down. We could be in a new wave or just out of one....

April’s 2023 Poll Question:

Will you attend a sporting event or concert this spring?  

Our Thoughts

Depending on when you’re reading this, case counts could be going up or down. We could be in a new wave or just out of one. The only thing we can safely say at this point is that going back to a pre-covid normal looks unlikely any time soon. So, if we want to go and watch our favorite sports team beat their league rivals or see a number one DJ enthrall the crowds at a local festival, how do we make the right decision?

There are many ways to think about attending a large event. Are we thinking about personal health, the health of at-risk friends and family, case number and deaths in general? Or do you simply believe “we can hide no more”?


5,267 Respondents

78% Voted:  4133 Votes:  YES

22% Voted: 1134 Votes: NO

As the world navigates through ongoing global challenges and emerging trends, questions about event attendance have become increasingly pertinent. A recent survey conducted in April 2023 by SurveyBeta asked respondents whether they planned to attend an event this year. Out of 5,267 participants, a significant 78% indicated that they would attend an event. This response raises intriguing insights into public sentiment and evolving attitudes towards social activities amid changing circumstances.

Contextualizing the Survey Results

The survey results reflect a notable level of optimism and eagerness among respondents to resume in-person activities and engage with social events. After enduring periods of restrictions and uncertainties due to global events, many individuals appear keen to embrace opportunities for social interaction and community engagement. This positive outlook suggests a growing confidence in public health measures and a desire to reconnect with familiar social experiences.

Factors Driving Event Attendance

Several factors may contribute to the strong inclination towards attending events in the coming months. First, the rollout of vaccines and improving public health conditions following the COVID-19 pandemic may be instilling confidence in individuals to participate in gatherings safely. The gradual easing of restrictions and the reopening of venues may also be encouraging people to explore social opportunities. Moreover, the desire to support local businesses and cultural initiatives could be motivating individuals to participate in community events.

Optimism and Resilience

The survey results highlight a spirit of optimism and resilience among respondents, reflecting a collective willingness to adapt to changing circumstances and embrace opportunities for social engagement. Despite persistent challenges and uncertainties, many individuals express a strong sense of hope and enthusiasm for reconnecting with their communities. This positive outlook underscores the importance of social connections and shared experiences in fostering emotional well-being and community cohesion.

Varied Event Preferences

The concept of “events” encompasses a diverse range of activities, from cultural festivals and sports events to business conferences and family gatherings. Respondents’ eagerness to attend events may vary based on personal interests, geographical location, and specific event offerings. Some individuals may prioritize attending leisure and entertainment events, such as concerts, theater performances, or outdoor festivals, while others may be more inclined towards professional networking events, industry conferences, or educational workshops. This diversity in event preferences underscores the importance of offering a wide range of activities to cater to different audience segments.

Safety Considerations and Precautions

While many individuals express a desire to attend events, safety considerations remain paramount. Public health guidelines, venue capacities, and event organizers’ safety protocols will influence individuals’ decisions regarding attendance. Organizers of events must prioritize health and safety measures, including mask-wearing, physical distancing, sanitation practices, and vaccination requirements, to create safe environments for attendees. Transparent communication and adherence to public health guidelines are essential for fostering trust and confidence among event participants.

Implications for Event Planning and Management

The survey findings have important implications for event planning and management in the coming months. Event organizers and stakeholders should closely monitor evolving public sentiment and adapt their strategies to meet changing expectations. Embracing digital solutions and hybrid event formats may also be necessary to accommodate attendees’ preferences and ensure inclusivity. In conclusion, the survey results indicating a high willingness to attend events in 2023 reflect a sense of optimism and anticipation for social engagement. As communities navigate through dynamic circumstances, responsible event planning, effective communication, and proactive safety measures, particularly in light of the ongoing COVID-19 situation, will be essential for fostering enjoyable and safe experiences for attendees.

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